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Tag: Medical Examining Committee

‘Farrier and Naturalist’ Vol 1 Issue 8 – August 1828

Articles include: The Bull-Dog; Royal Veterinary College; The Godolphin Arabian; Bull-Baiting; Improvements in the Veterinary Profession; On Condition in Horses; Unguents; An Inquiry into the Rot in Sheep; Xenophon’s Rules for the Choice, Management, and Training of Horses;…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 2 Issue 6 – June 1829

Articles include: Anniversary Dinner of the Veterinary Surgeons; Adjourned General Meeting of the Veterinary Surgeons; A Memorial to the Govenors of the Royal Veterinary College; To the medical Examing Committee of the Royal Veterinary College.

‘Farrier and Naturalist’ Vol 2 Issue 13 – 1 July 1829

Articles include: Papers adressed to the Medical Examining Committee and to the Governors of the Veterinary College; Experiment in Tetanus, by Infusion; Comparative Anatomy; Veterinary Materia Medica; Tom Thumb and Rattler;…