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Coleman, Edward – “Instructions for the Use of Farriers Attached to the British Cavalry and to the Honourable Board of Ordnance” (1796)

Chapters include: Instructions for the Use of Farriers in Regiments of Cavalry, Inflammation of the Eyes, Inflammation of the Chest…

Townson, Robert – “Tracts and Observations in Natural History and Physiology” (1799)

Chapters include: Physiological Observations on the Amphibia – Dissertation the First on Respiration, Anatomy of the Instruments of Respiration, On the Absorption of the Amphibia…

Anonymous Author (L. Upcot Gill, publisher) – “The Book of the Rabbit” (1881)

The book of the rabbit: giving the history, variations, uses, points, selection, mating, management, exhibiting, judging, treatment of the diseases, and much other information bearing on the subject of fancy rabbits illustrated with facsimiles of water colour drawings prepared for this work, and numerous wood engravings.