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‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 38 Issue 12 – December 1865

Articles Include: Communications and Cases. Cattle Plague; Communications and Cases. Cattle Plague. Consolidated Order of Council; Cattle Plague Inquiry. Cattle Total Number of Diseased Animals Reported since the Commencement of the Disease; Structure in the Oesopghagus of a Horse; Case of Elaphantiasis in a Calf; “Canker” Can Inverterate Cases be Cured;…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 42 Issue 4 – April 1869

Articles Include: Communications and Cases. The Microscope in Veterinary Medicine. Disease of the Osseous Tissue of a Goat Presenting the General Character of “Mollites Ossium”; Lamintis and its Treatment;
The Cattle Plague in Spain; The Principles of Botany; Urinary Calculi Associated with Distemper Eased Kidney and Bladder of a Horse Death; Remarkable Case of Penetration of the Thorax of a Cow with a Stake; Treatment of Laminitis as Proposed by Mr. T. D. Broad;…