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Spackman, Thomas – “Of The Madde Dogge…” (1613)

“Of The Madde Dogge: together with the Cure of those most dangerous wounds and fearefull accidents, hapning to man and beast through their bitings.” Published 1613

Anonymous Author (L. Upcot Gill, publisher) – “The Book of the Rabbit” (1881)

The book of the rabbit: giving the history, variations, uses, points, selection, mating, management, exhibiting, judging, treatment of the diseases, and much other information bearing on the subject of fancy rabbits illustrated with facsimiles of water colour drawings prepared for this work, and numerous wood engravings.

John Henry Steel – “A Manual of the Diseases of the Elephant and of his Management and Uses” (1885)

Chapters include; The Pathology of the Elephant; On the General Diseases of the Elephant; On the Circulatory System; On the Alimentary System; On the Respiratory Apparatus; On the Urinary Apparatus; On the Nervous System;…

J. H. Steel & T. J. Symonds – “Indian Veterinary Manuals. II Materia Medica Veterinaria Indica, Part I ” (1889)

Plates include: Azadirachta Indica; Carica Papaya; Tamarindus Indica; Butea Frondosa; Anona Squamosa; Carum (Ptychotis) Ajowan; Androcraphis Paniculata; Ophelia Chirata; Calotropis Gigantea; Sesamum Indicum;…

Edward Manson – “The Law Relating to Dogs” (1893)

Subjects covered: Dog Law; Dog not Ferae Nature; Sheep Worrying; Watch Dogs; Fighting; Trespassing; Stray Dogs; Barking; Carriage of Dogs; Dog-Stealing; Cruelty to Dogs; Town Police Causes Act; Metropolitan Streets Act;…