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Category: EM – Edward Mayhew Watercolours

Original watercolour paintings by veterinarian Edward Mayhew. Many of the watercolours have been used to make woodcuts for prints in Mayhew’s publications ‘The Illustrated Horse Doctor’ (1860) and ‘The Illustrated Horse Management’ (1864) , however not all watercolours have counterparts in these books. Nor do all images from the books have corresponding watercolours in this collection. The collection consists mostly of scenic and anatomical paintings of horses but also features Donkeys and Dogs.

Please note that copies of these publications are available in the historical library collection.

1 – “The Brain and Nervous System. Their Accidents and their diseases.”

Artworks include: Megrims, out for a pleasant drive’; Phrenitis’; Sleepy Staggers’; Mad Staggers’; Head of a Horse with Hydrophobia’ and ‘The Last Stage of Hydrophobia’; Showing how far an animal with the disease [tetanus] is capable of motion’; …

2 – “The Eyes.- Their Accidents and Their Diseases”

Artworks include: Shyers’; Simple Opthalmia’; Simple Opthalmia – an eye showing the lasting marks of the lash’; Specific Opthalmia’; Specific Opthalmia- ‘the upper lid inverted in Specific Opthalmia’; …

3 – “The Mouth.- Its Accidents and its Diseases”

Artworks include: ‘The chief art in riding is to…’; ‘Excoriated angles of the mouth’; ‘The Angle of the Mouth…’; ‘A Parrot Mouth’; ‘Burning for Lampas’; ‘Mouth injured by rider pulling…’; ‘Mouth injured by the bit’.

4 – “The Nostrils.- Their Accidents and Their Diseases.”

This series contains original watercolours that were used to create woodcut engravings for publication in the chapter ‘The Mouth.- I’s Accidents and its Diseases’ of the 1860 Mayhew publication ‘The Illustrated Horse Doctor’…

5 – “The Throat.- Its Accidents and its Diseases”

Artworks include: ‘Bearing Rein and No Bearing Rein’; ‘A Horse having a sore throat drinking the water returning it by the nostril’; ‘Cough’; ‘An Eight Tailed Bandage’; ‘A contrast displaying the alteration in the position of the head induced by the bearing rein’;…

6 – “The Chest and its Contents.- Their Accidents and their Diseases”

Artwork including: “A steaming apparatus for diseases of the lungs”; “A Horse Dressed for Bronchitis”; “The Cough of Confirmed Bronchitis”; “Pneumonia. A Pleasant Sight”; “The Result of Pneumonia”; “Dropsy of the Chest or Hydro-Thorax”;…

7 – “The Stomach, Liver etc.- Their Accidents and their Diseases”

Artworks include: “Spasm of the Diaphram – The young man and the old Horse”; “Acute Gastritis”; “Chronic Gastritis”

8 – “The Abdomen.- Its Accidents and its Diseases”

Artworks include: “Worms”; “Test for Enteritis”; “A quart syring for injecting the veins in Enteritis”; “Applying an Ammoniacal blister”; “Acute Dysentary”; “Acites”; “Influenza”; “Walking a Horse out after active measures during an attack of influenza”…

9 – “The Urinary Organs.- Their Accidents and their Diseases”

Artworks include: “General symptom of disease of the urinary organs”; “Nephritis – Test for Inflammation of the Kidneys”; “Test for inflammation of the bladder “; “Haematuria “.

10 – “The Skin.- Its Accidents and its Diseases”

Artworks include: ‘Mange’; ‘Mange upon the head of an old white horse’; ‘Purigo’; ‘Ringworm’; ‘Hidebound’; ‘Larva’ or Larva; ‘Chest Tumour and Cracked Heel’; ‘Swelling or Filling in the Leg’;…